Akubadaura joins the celebration of The International Day of the Girl Child

Día internacional de la Niña

With the production of messages and video adds as part of an awareness campaign on sexual violence against indigenous girls and women, with Terre des Hommes National Coordination in Colombia and its chapters in Switzerland and Lausanne; Humanas Colombia, center for studies and political action for the promotion and defense of the human rights of women and FOKUS, a women’s platform of the Norwegian Civil Society that supports women peace builders and defenders of sexual and reproductive rights, Akubadaura community of lawyers corporation, as an advocate of children, women and indigenous peoples rights, joins the campaign for the International Day of the Girl Child.

Lina Marcela Tobón Yagarí, Indigenous Woman of the Emberá Chamí People, director of Akubadaura Community of Lawyers Corporation, called attention to the importance of the protection and care of girls, teenage and indigenous women, for the building of care and protective environments for women and indigenous children. She recalled that according to official figures, “most cases of sexual violence occur against men and women under 18 years of age, that is, against our boys and girls.”

Between January and August 2020, 11,775 cases of sexual violence were registered, 10,088 of those, that is, 85.67%, against minors and within these cases there was a record of 253 cases of sexual assault against minors belonging to indigenous communities, 21 boys and 232 girls, according to a report from the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. From Akubadaura, with the participation in this campaign, we seek to give visibility to gender-based violence against indigenous girls and women and how these affect their vital development.

#NothingJustifies sexual violence against indigenous girls.  

#BeliveMeIfITellYou:  an initiative for the life and protection of girls, teenage and young women.

Faced with systematic actions against the lives and bodies of girls, teenage and young people in the context of the armed conflict that the country is experiencing and the different violence based on gender, the organizations linked to this campaign have added our experiences to demonstrate to public opinion, social organizations, the international community and the Colombian government, our concern about this situation.

This action wants to contribute to the International Day of the Girl Child, which is celebrated on October 11, this day was stipulated by the UN in 2011 and for this year the following aspects are being claimed to expand the protection of girls and their role in the positive change of their realities and communities.