Craft: fabrics of life Crafts are the expression of indigenous people’s work and cultural heritage, their customs, the use they give to things, therefore they surpass the object as a decorative element since they build their culture in the daily routine of hunting, sowing and rituals. Nukak: The way they communicate with the jungle manifests […]


The Akubadaura Community of Jurists builds scenarios for joint action and exchange of knowledge between ethnic organizations (indigenous and Afro), and their communicators; establishes dialogues with local, regional, national and international media, and promotes meetings with organizations and sectors of Colombian society for the common good. In 2022, the Akubadaura Community of Jurists held a […]


The Emberá (people) People are made up of two groups: the Dobida (river people). The Eyábida (mountain people) are divided into the Katio and Chamí. Geographically, they are “originally from the San Juan river region in bordering zones between the departments of Risaralda and Chocó, in the last decades they are located in 18 departments […]