Craft: fabrics of life Crafts are the expression of indigenous people’s work and cultural heritage, their customs, the use they give to things, therefore they surpass the object as a decorative element since they build their culture in the daily routine of hunting, sowing and rituals. Nukak: The way they communicate with the jungle manifests […]


La Comunidad de Juristas Akubadaura construye escenarios de acción conjunta e intercambio de saberes entre organizaciones étnicas (indígenas y afro), y sus comunicadores y comunicadoras; establece diálogos con medios de comunicación locales, regionales y nacionales e internacionales, y, propicia encuentros con organizaciones y sectores de la sociedad colombiana en pro del bienestar común.


The Embera peoples (people) are made up of two groups: the Dobida (river people). The Eyabida (mountain dwellers) who, at the same time, are divided into Katío and Chamí. Their origin its known to be the San Juan river in bordering areas between the Colombian provinces of Risaralda and Chocó, in recent decades they have […]