Webinar: Sustainable land management and strengthening of territorial governance of indigenous peoples in Latin America

Within the framework of the Twelfth Latin American week “Justice in the Latin American Continent” at the Westend Campus of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the discussion on “Sustainable agriculture and strengthening of the territorial self-determination of the indigenous peoples” and “Sustainable land management and strengthening of territorial governance of […]

Voice, confidence and weaving of indigenous women’s voices

The Akubadaura launches the video of the National Meeting of Experiences: Indigenous Women Weavers of Leadership for the Defense of their Rights, the video collects the contributions of women, leaders of indigenous communities in Colombia and Guatemala who participated in the event. In addition to being emotional, this meeting was the ideal framework to generate […]


Indigenous group and locals sign agreement to protect sustainable livelihoods and culture

by Dimitri Selibas on 18 May 2022 for Mongabay Originally published by Mongabay. Read… Most of Colombia’s remaining 600 Indigenous Nukak people live in camps around Guaviare’s capital and see returning to their territory, a one million-hectare Amazonian reserve, as the only way to survive and live dignified lives. A coexistence agreement signed between the […]

Indigenous women

A look at sexual violence against Indigenous women

Akubadaura community of Lawyers presents the Short Documentary: “My body does not lie”, a video that, in 18 minutes, proposes a look at the factors that lead to the configuration of sexual violence against Indigenous women by armed groups and responsibility of the Government when the sex offenders are government officials. Diana Quigua, a researcher […]