About us

We are a non-profit organization that brings together indigenous lawyers and professionals who, from different areas of knowledge, defend, promote and protect the human and collective rights of Indigenous Peoples, communities and indigenous organizations.

We are “Akubadaura” (“Helpers” in Embera Chami languaje), we provide assistance to indigenous peoples, their authorities and organizations.

We accompany communities that suffer from the greatest violation of human, ethnic and territorial rights, such as those experienced by the Nukak people in Guaviare.

We give legal counsel to the Embera people of Alto Andágueda in Chocó on public policies on indigenous issues, as well as on the process of restitution of their territorial rights.

Through political and technical training, we privilege the differential approach for indigenous peoples, organizational strengthening, gender perspective and the defense of the environment.

We seek to strengthen own processes through mediation with national, regional and local indigenous organizations, as well as with government organizations.