Minga to protest

We Are In Minga To Protest

Our word

To us, as indigenous peoples, the word “MINGA” means dialogue, harmony, balance, complementarity, responsibility, solidarity and reciprocity. Minga is a community gathering to work as a family, where the life and culture of indigenous peoples are recreated. Implies good living, and the search for common good. Given the number of deaths (47) and alleged disappearances […]

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Movilización social

Colombians gather to face the challenges of social conflict in the country

Our word

Bakatá, May 7th, 2021. Indigenous peoples, Afro communities, peasants, students and workers, citizens from all backgrounds and regions of the country demand, through social mobilization, that fundamental rights are guaranteed, the stop massacres and assassinations of social leaders and indigenous leaders, and the compliance of the peace agreement. Since April 21st, after the assassination of […]

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Guaviare, territorio ancestral Nükak

Tigre’s Last Journey

Gender and populations

By Miguel García Although his spirit had already flown to join the spirits of the jungle, his silent body had to be transferred by air from San José del Guaviare to Tomachipán, in the Colombian Amazon, for ceremonial planting in the ancestral territory, according to the customs of the Nükak People. But the journey of […]

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Informe sobre violencia sexual contra la mujer indigena

The discussion on sexual violence against indigenous women is expanded

Analysis and opinion

Akubadaura presents The “Report on gender violence against indigenous women, girls and teenagers in Colombia” Indigenous women are one of the population groups most affected by sexual violence, as evidenced when, in mid-2020, the media published two cases of sexual abuse against indigenous girls at the hands of Colombian Army troops, the first occurred to […]

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