Innovation: The New Search Engine on Prior Consent and Ethnic Peoples in Colombia

prior consent

As a commitment to dialogue, consensus, transparency, inclusion, the enjoyment of rights and a differential approach, the Akubadaura Community of Jurists presents the National Information System in Prior, Free and Informed Consultation -SNICPLI- An innovative plartaform for research and follow-up of prior consultation processes with the country’s ethnic peoples.

One of the difficulties found by Akubadaura in its research on the scope and legal evolution of the right to prior consent in Colombia, is the lack of democratization and agile access to public information, on the processes of prior national or territorial consultation in progress, hindering actions of information pedagogy, monitoring and advocacy of rights. And that is one of the objectives for the development of this platform: to democratize access to updated information on prior consent.

The Platform is an online tool in constant evolution, which with the contributions by users and without the need for legal action, allows, in a friendly environment, that anyone interested in the subject can process, document and monitor the processes of prior consultation on public policies, legislative measures, projects, works or activities, initially in the mining sector, such as mining and hydrocarbons, in ancestral territories of the country, which allows consulting, sharing and updating information after a data registration and verification process .

With more than 3,500 updated historical records, the reports, with different variables, produced by the platform’s search engine allows the analysis of compliance with the standards, the territorial risks and threats that ethnic peoples face to respond to interests in the territory and the processes of prior consent.

This information system was created with the purpose that peoples and ancestral authorities as well as Government agencies, public officials, researchers, academics, cooperation organizations, social leaders, defenders of human rights and the environment, judicial operators, political decision makers, teachers, students, officials, NGOs and international organizations as well as corporations, have a tool for activities such as document, research, litigation, training and political advocacy related to the protection of the rights of the ethnic peoples of Colombia .

On the platform, users will be able to consult relevant information on a project, work or activity (POA) of interest; Users can also access the records of follow-up to prior consent processes, documents of interest as well as updated information, releases and bulletins from Akubadaura on Prior Consent.

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