Indigenous Chair: Manuel Quintin Lame

October 7, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of MANUEL QUINTIN LAME, the most influential indigenous leader in the 20th century in Colombia and promoter of indigenous thought for the defense of ancestral rights, the inclusion of an indigenous political representation in Congress and for being a motivation for indigenous people to become interested in Law Studies. Lame’s followers started a movement in his name, followed Lame’s thinking and sought the vindication of the rights of indigenous peoples, which bore fruit in the 1991 Constitution. Among its proposals was the creation of a Republic governed by indigenous people to face the great Colombian Government. His self-taught vocation and continuous legal practice gave him the title as the first indigenous lawyer.

Akubadaura, through its Training of Trainers group, created the Indigenous Chair “MANUEL QUINTIN LAME”, in recognition of their political and legal thinking that influenced the formation of the indigenous movement.

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